The Perfect Gift for …
Baby showers! Don’t give the typical gifts expectant parents receive at their baby shower. Give the gift of massage! Expectant mothers – as well as the baby – receive many health benefits from massage therapy during the pregnancy, such as:

  • emotional support and nurturing touch
  • relaxation and self-awareness
  • pain relief on weight-bearing joints, pelvis and lower back
  • back, hip and neck pain relief
  • preparation of the muscles and joints used during childbirth
  • reduced swelling in hands and feet
  • lessened sciatic pain
  • fewer calf cramps
  • headache and sinus congestion relief

Babies benefit, too! The improved blood circulation, healthy tissue, flexible joints and muscles, help with the pregnancy and labor!

Bridal Showers and Wedding gifts!
The bride and groom would rather enjoy a relaxing couples massage than a blender any day of the week! Besides, they already received two blenders and really don’t need a third! Save yourself the stress of shopping from a gift registry and surprise them with a Simply Divine Health Spa gift card! Not only will they appreciate it, but it’ll show you put some thought into the gift.

Pre- and Post-Surgical Recovery
After your doctor gives the go-ahead, treat yourself or a loved one to both a pre- and post-surgical massage session. The professionals of Simply Divine Health Spa are well trained, certified and licensed, and here to help you before and after your procedure. Improved blood flow, improved lymph drainage, and the relaxing of the muscles all help the body prepare for the trauma of surgery. Post-surgical healing is advanced, as well, and there are many patients who have reported less post-surgical pain.

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