Detoxify your body effortlessly, painlessly, and comfortably

Ion cleansing has been used for decades but only now seems to be gaining in popularity as we become more socially conscious of our overall health and well-being. While there are many ways you can detox your body, the ion cleanse foot bath is, by far, the most enjoyable and relaxing way to do it!

Experience a greater sense of well-being

While an Ion cleansing foot bath will not cure any illnesses or diseases, people who suffer from chronic conditions, such as: swelling and edema, deteriorating joints, and pain, have reported experiencing symptomatic relief from their ion cleansing sessions.

It’s time to take charge

Let the ions do all of the hard work as you sit back and relax to enjoy the wonderful sensation of warm water swirling gently over your sore and tired feet. The worries of your day will flow right out of you and you’ll feel positively refreshed and renewed by the end of your session.