It’s time to show yourself (or a loved one!) some love

Look at your To-Do list. Did you write a reminder to schedule yourself some “me” time? These days we tend to get so busy that we let our own health and wellness slide to the wayside. You deserve to be pampered! Schedule your relaxing and rejuvenating massage today!

Balance your harmony and health

Always on the go means we tire and get worn out more quickly. This reduces your immune system’s ability to fight off bacteria and viruses, which leads to getting sick. Our therapeutic massage sessions can help keep your body’s energy levels up and boost your immune system.

Gain new vitality, detoxify your system, and destroy energy blockages when you receive massage therapy from Simply Divine Health Spa. Whether you're experienced in massage or trying it for the first time, we guarantee you'll have a deeply relaxing experience.

Experience relief from chronic pain

Don’t let the occasional aches and pains brought on by work or exertion keep you from participating in the activities you love. Let our expert massage therapists take care of you!

First Time Massage with Jessi (60 min)

60 mins | $45.00

First Time Massage with Jessi (90 min)

90 mins | $65.00

30 min massage (non package)

30 mins | $30.00

60 min massage (non Package)

60 mins | $60.00

90 min (non package)

90 mins | $90.00

Onsite Chair or Tables massage

200 mins| $1.00 per minute